Managing payment methods

Optionally, update your payment method in the Billing & Payments section. Your Billing & Payments also displays each database included in your server, allowing you to see your total cost per database.

Update the payment method you entered when creating your DataStax Astra DB database. Before your monthly credit runs out, you must enter your credit card number and associated billing information to ensure your database remains accessible.

Enter updated credit card information and associated billing details, or delete the existing payment method.

Astra DB supports one payment method for each organization.

Updating your payment information

  1. From any page in Astra DB, select the Organizations dropdown.

  1. In the main dropdown, select Organization Settings.

  2. From Billing & Payment, select Invite User.

    • From your Astra Dashboard, select Add Payment Method or Update beside the existing payment method.

    • In the Update Payment Method menu, confirm that you want to Update your payment method.

    • Enter the new billing information and Save.

Your payment method is updated. All future billing will use the new payment entered.

Removing a Payment Method

Use this section to remove any payment method associated with Astra DB serverless and Astra Streaming.

There are two selections to consider before removing your payment method: any outstanding balance for your organization and any premium features added to this plan. A premium feature, such as multi-region or private endpoints, is optionally applied to a resource.

To remove your payment method, open your Astra DB account and go to Billing. Your organization’s dashboard of billing services and payments made is available for viewing. Click Remove.


Ensure your organization meets the following requirements to remove your payment method:

  • With no outstanding balance and no premium features, you can remove your payment method at any time. A dialog box appears to confirm you want to remove the payment method; select Remove Payment Method.

    want to remove payment

    A message appears that you have successfully removed the payment method. An email is also sent for your records.

  • If you have no outstanding balance and premium features, you must remove all of these features before you can proceed. Click the link for each premium feature (as shown below) to remove them.

    payment removal
  • If you have an outstanding balance and no premium features, you must wait until the next billing cycle to settle this account.

    ob features
  • If you have an outstanding balance and premium features, you must remove your premium features before you can remove your payment method. You must wait until the next billing cycle to settle this account.

    balance and features

Removing premium features

Each premium feature is unique and has specific instructions for removal. The following links offer instructions on removing the following premium features: