Invite users to an organization

Invite users to join your organization and provide them with access based on the selected role.

  1. From any page in Astra DB, select the Organizations dropdown.

    Organization Selection
  2. In the main dropdown, select Organization Settings.

  3. From User Management, select Invite User.

  4. Enter the email address for the user you want to invite for the specific user role. If adding multiple users, separate the email addresses with commas, spaces, or line breaks.

  5. Select the user role(s) for the user(s) you are inviting. Multiple roles are available within each group of roles for Organization Access, Database, Keyspace, or Table Access, and API Access.

  6. Select Invite Users to send email invitations to the users at their email address.

Invited users are listed as pending until they accept the invitation to join your organization.