Managing your database lifecycle

Manage your databases with the DevOps API, which can be used to create, terminate, resize, park, and unpark your database.

You can use the DevOps API to perform the actions which are available to you through your role permissions.

The following roles can use the application token to use the DevOps API:

  • Organization Administrator

  • Database Administrator

  • Custom roles with create, terminate, and expand database permissions

If you were on a Free or serverless (Beta) tier before 4 March 2021, you were migrated to the pay as you go plan. You will need to reconnect to your database using your application token.

Use the DevOps API to perform lifecycle actions for DataStax Astra DB databases.

  1. To use the DevOps API, create an application token to authenticate your service account in the DevOps API.

  2. Once you have authenticated your service account, you can create, terminate, resize, park, and unpark databases using the DevOps API.


curl --request GET \
 --url '' \
 --header 'Accept: application/json' \
 --header 'Authorization: Bearer <application_token>'

You cannot resize, park, or unpark serverless databases. The commands will work with only classic databases.