Export Astra DB metrics to an external system

Enterprises depend on the ability to view database health metrics in centralized systems along with their other software metrics. The Astra DB Metrics feature lets you forward Astra DB database health metrics to an external third-party metrics system. We refer to the recipient of the exported metrics as the destination system.


The functionality provided by the Astra DB Metrics feature is often referred to as:

  • Observability

  • External monitoring

  • Third-party metrics

  • Prometheus monitoring integration

At this time, Astra DB Metrics supports exporting health metrics from Astra DB serverless databases to:

You can also use Grafana or Grafana Cloud to visualize the exported metrics.

Metrics API and UI options

You can configure the export of Astra DB metrics via the Astra DB console, or via the DevOps API and its /v2/databases/{databaseId}/telemetry/metrics call. For details, see: