Connect DBSchema with Astra DB using Simba JDBC Driver

You can connect your DataStax Astra DB to DBSchema using the Simba JDBC Driver for Apache Cassandra®. Follow these steps to set up the connection so you can run queries.

Establish the connection

  1. Open DBSchema.

  2. Select Connect to the Database.

  3. Select Start.

    dbschema start

  4. In the Choose your database menu, select Cassandra.

  5. Select Next.

    dbschema cass sel

  6. Select JDBC Driver edit option.

    dbschema connection d

  7. In the JDBC Driver Manager, select New.

  8. In the Add RDBMS window, enter Astra and select OK.

    dbschema driver manager

  9. Select OK in the confirmation message.

    dbschema connection

  10. Upload the Simba JDBC Driver.

  11. Select Open.

    dbschema simba driver

  12. Once you upload the Simba JDBC Driver, you will see Astra in the Choose your Database window. Select Next.

    dbschema astra

  13. In the Astra Connection Dialog, add JDBC URL as jdbc:cassandra://;AuthMech=<2>;UID=token;PWD=<ApplicationToken>;SecureConnectionBundlePath=<PATH TO YOUR SECURE CONNECT BUNDLE>;TunableConsistency=<6> with the following variables:

    • AuthMech: Specifies whether the driver connects to a Cassandra or Astra DB database and whether the driver authenticates the connection.

    • ApplicationToken: Generated from Astra DB console. See Manage application tokens.

    • SecureConnectionBundlePath: Path to where your downloaded Secure Connect Bundle is located. See Downloading secure connect bundle.

    • TunableConsistency: Specifies Cassandra replica or the number of Cassandra replicas that must process a query for the query to be considered successful.

  14. Select Connect.

    dbschema url

  15. In the Select Schemas/Catalogs, select the keyspace to which you want to connect.

  16. Select OK.

    dbschema connetion established

What’s next?

Now that your connection is working, you can create tables, introspect your keyspaces, view your data in the DBSchema GUI, and more.

To learn more about DBSchema, see Quick start with DBSchema.