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Pricing and billing

Learn about the pricing model and billing structure for DataStax Astra.


The cost of your DataStax Astra databasedatabase - A group of distributed instances for storing data. Each paid Astra database has at least three instances. is based on which plan you select.

Each Astra database (except on the Free tier) uses a single CU by default, which represents three database instancesinstances - The basic database infrastructure component where you store your data. Commonly referred to as a "node" in Cassandra terminology. that are grouped together for three replicas.

The Service Tier represents the amount of compute power allocated to each CU, and represents three compute instances per CU. For more, see Service tier options.

Pricing is presented in the DataStax Cloud console in hourly terms, but billed in one-minute granularity.


DataStax Astra handles billing through an integration with Stripe, and displays all related billing information in the Billing Summary section of your Organization summary page.

In the Billing Summary, a tables shows the following information:

  • Payment Status: Paid or Pending
  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice Period
  • Subtotal
  • Total

You will be billed monthly based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), also known as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).



This summary is an approximation of your current charges before taxes, and might not reflect total database usage. The estimated cost per month is estimated from historical usage trends. The number of CUs in use, selected service tier, and number of active Astra databases impact the total cost.

To view your bill, hover over the row for which you want to download the bill. Use the overflow menu to Download your bill.

When creating your first paid Astra database, enter your credit card number and associated billing information.

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Pricing and billing

Learn about the pricing model and billing structure for DataStax Astra.

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