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DataStax Developer Studio for Astra

You can use DataStax Developer Studio to interact with Astra databases created using DataStax Astra.

When creating an Astra databasedatabase - A group of distributed instances for storing data. Each paid Astra database has at least three instances., an embedded Studio instance is automatically configured for interactive CQL commands. Each notebook in Studio has only one connection, but a connection can serve multiple notebooks.


When using Studio with an Astra database, the following limitations apply:

  • Each Astra database includes a Studio instance that works only with that database.
  • Only the database owner can access the integrated Studio. To share notebooks, you must export them for your teammates to upload.
  • Because each Astra database operates using a single keyspacekeyspace - The defining container for replication, similar to a schema in a relational database. All tables belong to a keyspace. Each keyspace can contain as many as 200 tables., you cannot create additional keyspaces using Studio.


Create a database using DataStax Astra.


  1. Open a browser, navigate to DataStax Astra, and log in.
  2. From your Dashboard page, select your database.
  3. On the Summary page, select Studio.
    A DataStax Developer Studio instance that is connected to your Cassandra database opens.
  4. When prompted, enter the username and password used when creating your database through the DataStax Astra console.
  5. Click Save to save the credentials.


You can now interact with your Astra database using Studio. Use the example notebook to create tables and rows in your keyspace.

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DataStax Developer Studio for Astra

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